Monday, July 21, 2008

Our trip to the Mall

I hardly EVER get to the mall anymore! But- Friday was an exception! Mikal had a turtle whose name is"Turt"(from the Build a Bear Workshop), and she had a Pawsport that just had to be stamped! So, off we went to the Arbor Place Mall. We went straight to the Build a Bear store, which now Kenidee and Rylie know about! Turt's pawsport was stamped, and we, no I tried to get out of there quickly! Then it was off to the play area in the food court. The girls all had a blast running around and playing for a while, and it was tons cooler that going to a park right now! After playing for a while, it was off to the Dollar Store because Mikal had money burning a hole in her pocket!! She bought some snacks to take on the plane, and a few other goodies. Kenidee and Rylie were excited to pick out one thing each-Kenidee picked a dinosaur, and Rylie chose a stuffed monkey. It was a fun but busy day- when we got back, it was off to eat for Derek's birthday!