Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Girls Night Out

Guess where we were last Thursday night? Allright- I guess I will tell you ! We were at the George Micheal concert!

My friend Barb called me a couple of days before and said she had been given FREE tickets from her brother in law. The concert was at Phillip's Arena- and we actually had pretty good seats! We had alot of fun- and got to do ALOT of people watching! I guess it's been a while since I have been OUT! lol Thank you Barb for thinking of me!

The only frustrating thing was he started 45 minutes late! Ken found out the next day listening to the radio that he was getting a spray tan! Too funny.... Another funny thing- I saw him in concert in Florida back in 1985 when he was with WHAM! A big group of us from my Youth group from church went. The opening act was the Pointer Sisters! OK- now that I am saying how old I am , I will end this post!

Loving his big sister!

Braden loved having so many hands to hold him over the summer- especially his big sister- Lexi! This was taken at Grandma's and Grandpas' house after church waiting for Sunday dinner- Yum!

It was a Sad Day....

When Lexi, Derek and Mikal went back to Utah last month! We are missing them like crazy. As Kenidee and Rylie get older, it is harder for them to see them go too! Braden absoulutely loved having them here to hold him, feed him and play. Here is one last picture before we left for the airport. Ken hated to have to work that day- but felt he had taken off too much time while they were here. I love you Ken for working so hard for our family!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun times At the pool!

During the summer, Grandma took the kids to her friend Joyce's pool. She has one in her subdivion- wish we did! The kids had fun getting to spend time with Grandma, and I got a little break just having Braden at home! Thanks grandma!
The first time Grandma took them, Kenidee only stayed in the kiddie pool, but by the last time, she was coming in the regular pool.

I don't know why this picture went small! Can you see Derek wore his sun glasses all the time?

I did go and take Braden for his first time in the pool. He loved it! In the kiddie pool he could actually stand up and walk around! (Joyce's grandaughter Ansley is in the background)

Fall will be here soon, even though it is hard to think that considering how HOT it has been! I know the kids are going to miss the pool!

June 08- At the Park with the kids!

Ok- it's been a while since my last post! Sorry!! I am trying to get caught up from the summer. In mid June, before Lexi came out, we took the kids to the park for a picnic. Braden stayed with Grandma, so we could play more with the older kids. Trying to get everyone to smile at the same time is incredibly tough! I don't think Derek likes being surrounded by so many girls!

Derek got pretty hot and sweaty after pushing everyone! They were glad to have him do it!

They all had fun feeding the ducks, turtle and fishes... Rylie got a huge kick out of it!

The park we went to is in the town next to us named Hiram, and is a pretty new park. It has a beautiful pond, and a fun play area. Our picnic was fun- even though Kenidee hated the flies!