Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun times At the pool!

During the summer, Grandma took the kids to her friend Joyce's pool. She has one in her subdivion- wish we did! The kids had fun getting to spend time with Grandma, and I got a little break just having Braden at home! Thanks grandma!
The first time Grandma took them, Kenidee only stayed in the kiddie pool, but by the last time, she was coming in the regular pool.

I don't know why this picture went small! Can you see Derek wore his sun glasses all the time?

I did go and take Braden for his first time in the pool. He loved it! In the kiddie pool he could actually stand up and walk around! (Joyce's grandaughter Ansley is in the background)

Fall will be here soon, even though it is hard to think that considering how HOT it has been! I know the kids are going to miss the pool!