Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our Rylie Roo!

Things have been a little hectic for me since Ken left the beginning of February For Iraq... and I have gotten behind in blogging.

So- Rylie turned three in February! The 24th to be exact. I figured I better do this now since Kenidee's birthday is tomorrow!

We ended up doing a combined birthday party for Rylie and her friend Kelsey at Kelsey's house(thanks Barb and PK!). They had a little Mermaid Party and had lots of fun. Rylie had her sights set on a Dora party so we had a Dora cake at the "family" party.

Kelsey and Rylie tired but happy after their party!

Our princess, Rylie coloring her Ariel picture at the party.
Rylie then.....

and now with Grandma's kitten Xi- Lan!( Kenidee named him after the baby panda at the Atlanta Zoo).