Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sick on Valentine's Day...

Poor Kenidee- she started feeling sick on Sunday. Ken and My Dad gave her a blessing that night, and I was hoping she would be better for Monday. Not so- she woke up in the night with a fever, so I knew she was staying home.... She was so upset to miss her Valentine's Party at school.
This morning, she still wasn't better. I was thinking it was the flu because she was having the same symptoms as Rylie when she was sick in December.. I called to talk to the nurse this morning and she thought it was the flu as well, but said she should be seen so they could document it... I was a little frustrated because if it was the flu, there isn't much that can be done.
I am very glad I went, because it wasn't the flu at all... Kenidee has the start of an ear infection, and the start of bronchitis! I am also glad our insurance just kicked in, and we got our cards in the mail yesterday!!


family said...

LOVE your header! I'm sorry she's so sick and had to miss her party; no fun! Hopefully the antibiotic will kick in quickly so you guys can get some relief.

Jen Thomas said...

Thanks Heather! I have never done a header before- I think it turned out nice! ;)

Poor Kenidee- she seemed to be doing better yesterday and was supposed to go back to school today, but she has a fever again- and is hurting! Rylie is also sick- with possible strep- on the way to the Dr again this morning!